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Patron Program


The Art Patron Program is a program that sponsors and supports works of art and artists. The structure supporting artists to unfold their philosophy and aesthetic sense fully is as old as human history.

This program is done by an individual or company that becomes a sponsor by purchasing a work of art or providing direct support to the artist. This allows artists to concentrate on their creative activities, and their sponsors have the opportunity to contribute to the art world and collect works of art.

In addition, the Art Patron Program promotes exchanges and communication between sponsors and writers and plays a role in leading cooperation in various art fields. ARSHEXA will do its best to encourage the growth and development of sponsors and writers of each other through the Patron Program, which includes holding exhibitions, purchasing works, and providing subsidies.


Facilitate arts education by creating programs such as workshops, lectures, and conversations with writers providing support for arts education.

Art Education     

& Seminar     



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