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ARSHEXA will carry out the AH Hub projects on the Culture and Arts Landmark site at Incheon International Airport.


It includes independent buildings for galleries, large-scale complexes, art galleries, and venues for art fairs and auction houses. In this space, artists can display their works, and collectors can appreciate and purchase them.


AHHUB is a cultural and artistic landmark project at Incheon International Airport, It is a tourist and business district connecting Terminal 1, and IBC-1.


AH HUB provides a comprehensive service for travelers and visitors, offering duty-free shopping and restaurant spaces.

AH HUB is also a premier art trading platform, connecting artists, collectors, and art dealers for buying and selling artwork. Our platform showcases online exhibitions, galleries, and virtual tours of art museums.

Our main goal at AH HUB is to serve as a gateway for top-notch art to be introduced to museums and galleries around the world.



     Art Education

     & Seminar

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