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the Art of Excellence


Trusted Art Service

We build a comprehensive art business infrastructure, including preservation, storage, trade, logistics and financial services.
We envision a state-of-the-art complex at Incheon International Airport, serving as the premier ART HUB in Asia. Starting with our development project for a freeport Art Storage, we aim to create an unparalleled art destination that connects the world.

What We Provide 


Project Design

AH Freeport is designed to reinterpret the traditional Korean painting "Bookgado (a traditional Korean painting with the theme of storing and exhibiting rare artworks)" with a modern image. It has a solid exterior, various faces through functional segmentation and a facade that is emphasized through radiating light.




POSCO E&C's Construction Management enables low-carbon, low-energy design, and ESG management. With the completion scheduled for 2026, we will take advantage of the airport's location and create an atmosphere of mutual trust among construction entities to lead to the project's success.


Site Specification

Floors  B1 ~ 4F

Land area 43,670㎡
Building area 20,697㎡

Gross floor area 94,644㎡,

AH Freeport

We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

AH Freeport is a state-of-the-art storage that will be built in 2026 on the site of Incheon International Airport.

ARSHEXA Freeport storage, a crucial infrastructure for the art market and a high-tech aggregate is where the value of customers, and artworks is preserved with high security and safety.

It will provide a safe and optimized space for various artworks and valuables at home and abroad.

Additional Projects



Located at Incheon International Airport
ART HUB, an art complex

The Art Patron Program is a program that sponsors and supports works of art and artists.


Patron Program

Art education and Seminar


Hold annual art appreciation, restoration, and commentary seminars for China, Japan, and Korea.

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