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Teams of experts affiliated with ARSHEXA will leverage the latest technology and industry best practices to deliver the highest quality service. Key elements of this service include transportation, storage, warranty, restoration, and appraisal. These solutions are essential to the needs of galleries and institutions for their collections.



Art Storage

Art storage is a facility with the best environment for protecting and storing art, such as constant temperature and humidity. The security of the facility itself, as well as the security of the area where the facility is located, is essential, and the access of users and goods must be strictly controlled. AH Freeport storage is located at Incheon Airport, so a very high level of security system is applied. It also has extensive size storage facilities and provides space optimized for each facility's use.


Viewing Room

​Located on the fourth floor, the Viewing Room is designed as a conference room for small events and receptions. AH Freeport customers can enjoy their work in the Viewing Room and use it as a business room. Experience the actual value of your artwork in a luxurious interior space with natural light in the background of Tak-in Airport.



We deliver your valuable works safely to the Incheon International Airport storage through the art transportation service. It deals with all types of art, including painting, sculpture, and other delicate sculptures. A team of experienced art handlers uses the latest equipment and vehicles customized to protect the artwork during transportation. It also coordinates international shipping, customs clearance, and import and export documents to provide a complete Door-to-Door service for your convenience.



The professional packaging service for artworks is designed to protect the artwork from damage during transportation and storage. Experts evaluate each product and create a custom packaging solution using high-quality materials such as neutral tissue paper, bubble wrap, and custom boxes. Consider factors such as the work's size, weight, material, and vulnerability to ensure the highest level of protection and management.



The Art Archive has advanced security devices such as 24-hour video surveillance, access control systems, and fire protection. Insurance policies are preparing countermeasures against a wide range of cases, including theft, damage, and natural disasters. Work closely with art-optimized insurers to provide flexible and diverse coverage options for specific needs.



Art restoration services help you maintain the state and value of your art. It covers a variety of media, including paintings, sculptures and mixed media, and produces accurate reports on the condition of the work. It also uses state-of-the-art technology and materials to provide professional services for restoration to preserve the original integrity of the work. Restoration services such as cleaning, repairing damage and resolving aging issues allow you to keep your work intact.



Understanding the value of art is essential for insurance and sales. 

Appraisal services determine the value of art objects, including paintings, sculptures and other collectibles. We conduct thorough research and market analysis to determine the current value of the piece and provide a detailed written appraisal report.

AH Freeport

ARSHEXA Co., Ltd. is making a world-class art storage at Incheon International Airport. Completed in 2026, the storage will be a space with state-of-the-art security technology to protect customers' valuable assets safely and transparently.

AH Freeport, which consists of 1 basement level and 4 floors above ground, has a total area of 94,644㎡. In particular, viewing rooms, conference rooms, and VIP facilities on the 4th floor provide various events and event spaces.

AH Freeport will provide multiple services and solutions necessary for the art business, including packaging, transportation, insurance, appraisal, restoration, finance and will serve as infrastructure in the future of Incheon Airport, which will develop into an art hub.

Metrics and Goals

Business Location: Incheon International Airport winter equipment north end
Site area: 43,669.50㎡ (13,210 pyeong)
Project size: Self-proposal of applicants (considering the building closing rate, floor area rate, height limit, etc.)
Construction period: 4 years from the date of the concession agreement
Land Use Period: 30 years from the commencement date of operation

Business Overview


AH Freeport Smart Complex Core Systems

Smart Building System

A system that provides the best customer experience by creating a more pleasant and convenient environment as well as achieving economy and efficiency by utilizing data analysis and AI/Robot technology collected based on Bigdata fabric

Facility Management System

Constant temperature, humidity and operation status monitoring system of various facilities

Building Automation System [BAS: HVAC1),Power, Lighting Control]

Building Energy Management System [BEMS 2) : Energy Optimization]

Collection Management System

Collection Management

UWB [Ultra Wide Band]-based location tracking

Transporting robots, security robots

Digital Twins

Metaverse System

Present Metaverse Auction House, Art Fair, Gallery and Metaverse Museum

Integrated Security System 

​Access and control of internal/external personnel based on artificial intelligence (AI) security system, as well as protection of collections and consistent security management with intelligent CCTV installation

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