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Establishment of art storage at Incheon Airport

2022.08.31 15:03
Establishment of art storage at Incheon Airport... art airport leap

【anchor】 Art storage, which stores, exhibits, and distributes expensive artworks, is an essential infrastructure for the art industry. It is expected that the world's largest art storage will be built at Incheon International Airport in 2026, becoming another tourist attraction. Reporter Yoo Sook-yeol covered the story. 【reporter】 Incheon International Airport has transformed into a gigantic art museum, attracting travelers. It is exhibiting actual works and 60 non-fungible tokens (NFT) works by famous artists from 20 domestic galleries in the form of a special exhibition. [Jung Hyun-min / Manager at Incheon International Airport Corporation: I think it would be a good point to appreciate how real works were turned into NFTs. In the case of the MZ generation, what kind of NFT works are in the spotlight these days....] Incheon International Airport is continuing its attempts to incorporate art and culture into the airport to gain an edge in competition with leading global airports. As part of this, we are promoting the establishment of an art collection, an essential infrastructure for the art industry. The art storage is scheduled to be built by the first half of 2026 with an investment of 370 billion won on a 40,000 square-meter site on the west side of Incheon International Airport. Advanced technologies such as robots and security systems will be introduced into the storage, which will perform the role of art storage, exhibition, and distribution. [Song Mun-suk / Representative of ARSHEXA Consortium: It is judged that the collection of art objects from all over the world can play a role in raising the value of art objects, and furthermore, the expansion of the Korean art market can raise the national status of Korea's culture and art.] Incheon International Airport Corporation plans to leap forward as a global culture and art hub by strengthening its cultural influence with the establishment of art storage. [Kim Kyung-wook / Incheon International Airport Corporation President: We expect that the area around the airport will become the center of the art market and art industry in the future as it has the world's largest and most up-to-date facilities.] The world's largest art collection at Incheon Airport is expected to serve as an important foundation for Incheon International Airport to leap forward as a high-class airport. This is OBS News Yoo Sook-yeol. Source: OBS Gyeongin TV (


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