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ARSHEXA to sign a business agreement of cooperation with Baoku Culture


ARSHEXA, currently constructing an art storage facility at Incheon International Airport, has agreed to cooperate with Baoku Culture regarding their collaborative project.

On July 17th, at Shanghai Tower, a landmark in Shanghai, ARSHEXA held a signing ceremony with Baoku Culture, pledging cooperation for the future development of joint ventures related to art storage facility construction, art storage design and management, art handling and logistics, art collection management, and client services.

The CEOs of both companies committed to sharing their expertise in planning, constructing, and operating vaults and storage facilities, including safes, and leveraging accumulated industry resources for the Incheon International Airport art storage project of ARSHEXA, while also fostering collaborative growth in the cultural and artistic business sectors of Northeast Asia.

Baoku Culture, known for holding the record of "the largest number of safes in the world for an underground vault (a total of 18,698 safes)," has established the world's most extensive specialized vault facilities through Baoku No.1 and Baoku Space.

Famous for transforming rental vaults into a multifaceted cultural space, Baoku Culture has gained recognition as a cultural platform that replicates Chinese arts, crafts, and intangible cultural heritage in urban settings, including the Enamel gallery of Cloisonné floor and indoor gardens within buildings, thus achieving a worldwide reputation.


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