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ARSHEXA Consortium to Open Brand Promotion Center at Incheon Airport on October 12th


ARSHEXA Consortium is opening a brand promotion center at Incheon Airport and is launching marketing efforts for its art storage facility under construction. Today, on October 12th, the 'ARSHEXA Freeport Promotion Center' will be installed in the Brand Experience Zone at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Airport Railroad Station. This center will allow visitors to experience the space and services provided by the art storage facility.

ARSHEXA has announced that it will participate as a partner in Paris+ Art Basel, to be held in Paris, France this October, to engage in overseas demand, consultations, and brand promotion. The promotion center will provide information about state-of-the-art art storage spaces, UL Class certified vaults, and panel systems, as well as services related to the storage, transportation, restoration, and appraisal of artworks within the storage facility.

Next, the promotion center will host VIP interviews, press conferences, lease agreements, and more. It will operate for three months and open from 6 AM to midnight.

ARSHEXA's art storage facility, scheduled for completion in 2026, will be located in the FBO Zone of Incheon Airport. It is a large-scale facility with five floors and a total ground area of 97,041 square meters.


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