Patron Club

Name : K-Medici Patron 20 Club

Overview : 20 opinion leaders who have selected and signed up as members of the writers residing in Korea are sponsoring the artist management project to support the artists' work activities and advance into foreign markets

Purpose : To introduce Korean writers to the world to enhance the artistic status of Korea and to support the work of artists

Period : 1 year unit

Participation details : The member purchases the work of the author, overseas exhibitions, and participates in art collection courses. The organizer is dedicated to the selection of writers, sales of works, exhibition and promotion, and operation of sponsorship budget. The writer receives support for the work activities for a certain period through contract and participates in overseas exhibitions according to the schedule planned.
∙ K-Medici Member Tour
- Miami Art Basel Week Tour
- Hong Kong Art Basel Week Tour
- New York Art Tour

Membership speciality : a regular meeting once a month Promoting the community among members through various events, such as seminars, lectures, and exhibition attendance