(ARSHEXA World Art Project)

The ARSHEXA ’s World Art (AHWA) Project has been created to build an “Art Hub” platform to providing more opportunities to the Asian art market through various Art transaction channels.

We aim to create a new art market with the aim of allowing galleries, art dealers, young artists, new artists, and famous artists to foray into more broad art arena through Art Hub (AHWA Flatform)

It is also BtoB, BtoC platform that connects galleries, art dealers and artists in 60vcountries around the world.

• Increase the economic benefit of Art Galleries and art dealers in Asia through online and offline art market

• To form interactive communication (not one direction communication) in Asia art market

• Promote each countries new and prominent artiest and foray into global art market

• Expand the Asian art market to globally


Asia (exclude China)Art Marketsize share very small portion of global total of art market. However, it has great potential to leading the global art market. Arshexawill contribute to leading the Asia art market through our role as “Art Hub”.

  • Creative integrated strategy
    Art business and art investment company that pursues profit maximize through creative integrated strategy
  • New Market Creation in art
    Integrated art business company conducting new market creation
  • Art in science & technology
    Integrated art business company conducting professional art business through science and technology


AHWA Platform connects 60 countries galleries and art dealers based on Online and Offline. Galleries, art dealers, artists and their art works are connected to other galleries and art dealers through Platform. It is Art Platform based on BtoB.

System in your country

Through AHWA Platform, we connect the both galleries which has art works but no buying customers and the wholesale dealer who has networking many collectors but lacks art works to sell

System in the world

System in online

Overseas Gallery